We will remember them

John Pringle

In Memory of

1464847, 51 Lt. A.A./Anti-Tank Regt., Royal Artillery
who died age 29
on 17 June 1940
Son of David Pringle, and of Jessie Pringle (nee Johnstone), of Tarbert, Argyllshire.
Remembered with honour

John Pringle
(Tarbert War Memorial)

Oh John how sad it is to think
You lie so far from home
And not among these hills and glens
Where never more you’ll roam.

You left to fight our country’s war
A young man of twenty nine
And never more your eyes will view
The beauty of Loch Fyne.

No more you’ll hear the seagull’s cry
Nor smell the fresh cut hay
And watch the herring boats sail out
To their fishing beyond the bay.

The ship, which was to bring you home
To the safety of our shore
Was lost near France’s troubled land
And John, your fight was o’er.

So rest in peace ‘neath foreign soil
With your comrades by your side
Such a terrible consequence of war
I pray not in vain you died.

Now once a year the old soldiers march
To this place that bears your mark
And lay their wreaths beneath the names
Of the lads who never came back.

John Forsyth, the son of Gnr Pringle’s Cousin