We will remember them

Fred Bricklebank

My father and his brother were both serving on the Lancastria and after taking survivors on board were bombed on the ship.
My father saved his brother from the sea, and they were both survivors of this terrible event.

My sister and I were visiting our parents in Liverpool, when the anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic celebrations were taking place.
We queued along with many others for information on the Lancastria and were given a certificate with the Captains name on, and the estimated loss of life.
We asked why our father and his brother were not on this certificate and we were told that it was secret. I am in possession of my now deceased fathers seaman’s book and the only ship that he was on that is not in that book is the “Lancastria” he died in 1997 never being recognised as one of the crew, or indeed that he survived the sinking. He went to his grave still not knowing why? and my sister and I who live in Australia cannot explain to our children either why.
My father never liked to talk about this tragedy nor in fact about the war, his only words later on in his life were. “There is no Glory in War.
I am writing this hoping that maybe one day, the facts of this ship and hopefully some of the people who were on there will at last be recognised. My fathers name was Frederick Bricklebank and his brother was Thomas Bricklebank.