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Lancastria model unveiled


The Lancastria model is on display at the Golden Jubilee Hospital

The Lancastria model is on display at the Golden Jubilee Hospital

Speech by Fiona Symon, chair of the Lancastria Archive, June 2013

Lord Lieutenant, Vice Lord Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentleman

Over the years in the life of the Association I have frequently been amazed and humbled at the generous support we have been given. None more so than today which is the result of two incredibly kind gifts from Mr Brian Dean and Babcock International.

It is now well over a year since Mr Brian Dean offered to build a model of the Lancastria for the Association.  Without the aid of scaled plans which proved impossible to get and armed with only books and pictures he spent a year meticulously and painstakingly building this model.  Truly a labour of love and the wonderful result is greatly appreciated by us all. In its position here I’m sure it will help to spread the Lancastria story to many more people which is one of the main aims of our constitution.

 The next question for the committee was finding a display case in which to safely house the ship. We are extremely indebted to Babcock International at Faslane who offered to not only build the case,  but  also make the story boards and plaques.  Mr Neil Watson and Mr David Thomson have gone to immense trouble to make sure the result is worthy of Mr Dean’s work.

Lastly – where to display it. Here beside the memorial and on the land where the Lancastria was built is the perfect home for her. Once more our friends in the Golden Jubilee National Hospital have shown their continued support by agreeing to have it here on permanent display and we thank them for it.

On behalf of the Lancastria Archive it is my very great pleasure and honour to unveil this wonderful gift of the model of HMT Lancastria .